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Holly Hancock and Travis Hancock, Founders of Facade Games, recently had the opportunity to speak on the TEDx stage.

The talk is titled "Birth of a Board Game" and outlines their basic process for coming up with an idea for a game, failing fast, testing often, adding theme and emotion, building an immersive design, and then working with manufacturers.

The talk takes its listeners on a 9-minute journey through the 87 versions that Facade Games goes through before landing on a final product. And while Travis and Holly realize that not everyone out there makes board games for a living, their goal is to help their fellow creators move forward with the next step in their creative journey. Principles of subtracting often, gathering a consistent test group, or using creative packaging and presentation are mentioned as ways to help any creative project move forward.

And if you're creating a board game yourself, hopefully something about their process will help you take the next step in bringing your game to life.

You can view the video below.


Travis Hancock
Travis Hancock

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