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What's coming next?

Late 2019: A Game for Thursdays #1 (our new line of party games) will be launched on our website! Follow our newsletter to be the first in the world to get it!

March 2020: Kickstarter launch of Dark Cities Volume 4!

2021: A Game for Thursdays #2

2022: Dark Cities Volume 5

The Dark Cities Series

Each game in the Dark Cities Series will: Focus on a city and a year from history, accommodate at least 4-9 players, have a dark, mysterious, or secretive element in its gameplay, and come in the same-sized faux book box


Volume 1: Tortuga 1667 (released 2017)

Volume 2: Salem 1692 (released as Salem in 2015, re-released 2017)

Volume 3: Deadwood 1876 (released 2018)

Volume 4: Join our newsletter to hear when we launch Volume 4!

Retail & Distribution

We would love for you to sell our games at any physical location or store.

Facade Games is partnered with PSI, which stocks our games with most of the major USA and international distributors. 

To get more information on exactly which USA and International distributors are currently carrying our games, please email

To view our internet re-seller policy, please visit this page.

Replacement Pieces

Email and let us know what you're missing and your shipping address. We're happy to send a replacement!

No worries :) Email and let us know what you need replaced and your shipping address. We'll often ask that you Paypal us a few dollars to cover shipping.


Yes! The game will be sold on our website and on Amazon around November 1st. Follow us on Facebook to find out the day it is available.

We are shipping now. If you have not received your game by the middle of November then please email us at

Yes we do! We've summarized most of our Kickstarter takeaways in this blog post.

Game Submissions

Yes and no. Because we're a smaller company, we only plan on publishing 1-2 games per year. Because of this, we are very selective about accepting game submissions. Please read this page regarding the criteria of submissions that we will accept. Thank you!

Yes we do! We've summarized our process and some helpful tips in this blog post. We have many creators ask us for advice so we ask that you please reach out to us directly only if you still have questions after reading the blog post, the links at the bottom of the post, and some of the other online resources provided by other board game publishers.


We will be at Origins and Gen Con!

We use Shopify for our website, with the Turbo theme from Out of the Sandbox. You can "tip" Facade Games a few bucks if you use this link to purchase a theme from Out of the Sandbox.

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