Tortuga 1667 Launches on Kickstarter!

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The full game includes a faux book box container, linen pouch, 69 cards, 9 pawns, 8 treasure tokens, rulebook, and rubber playmat

Facade Games is thrilled to announce the launch of our second game, “Tortuga 1667”! The game launched on January 18th, 2017 on Kickstarter. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page:

Tortuga 1667 is built for 4-9 players with game time ranging from 20-40 minutes.

Play as one of the nine pirates in the game. Each pirate is based on a real pirate who roamed the seas near Tortuga in 1667.

In the game you become a privateer living on the island of Tortuga in the year 1667. Your country has legalized piracy and has agreed to turn a blind eye as you steal treasure from the powerful Spanish. However, your country also threatens to arrest and hang you for piracy unless you bring them back 6 pieces of treasure before the Spanish Armada arrives. You’ll need help from the other privateers on your ship to steal from the Spanish and pay off your country. But beware! Not all privateers claiming to share your loyalty can be trusted.

Tortuga, similar to our first game of Salem, is all about the interactions you have with the other players. In some cases, such as when you and your shipmates are attacking the Spanish, you need to rely on your enemies in order to succeed. In the very next turn, however, your shipmates might stab you in the back in order to keep all the treasure for themselves.


The “Pistol” event card forces one of your enemies to leave their ship and get marooned on Tortuga

The game’s Event Cards play a pivotal role in giving your team the advantage, or in crippling the other team. On your turn you may either view 2 of these event cards for the knowledge they provide, or reveal a card and suffer or benefit from the consequences. Some cards, such as Black Spot and Albatross, may maroon you to the island of Tortuga. Other cards, such as the Letter of Marque and Pistol, can put you in a position to win.


The illustrations from Sarah Keele and graphic design from Holly Hancock take players deep into the world of privateers and pirate life. We used textures consistent to what pirates would see on an everyday basis: wooden planks and tables, canvas sails, and weather-torn maps. All pieces of the game were carefully chosen for their color and aesthetic contributions to the theme. The linen bag ties in with the beige sail color. The playmat is meant to roll out like a map. The faux book is worn and colored a nice pirate brown and black.

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The game ends when the Spanish Armada event card is revealed

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