Storing & Sleeving Salem (1st Edition)

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We know how cluttered and massive game closets can become. When we were creating the box for Salem, we wanted to make something distinguishable and compact. We love how it turned out!

One of the challenges with a compact box is fitting everything back in just right after its been played a handful of times.

Here is what we do with our home copy of the game:


Storing Salem

When stacking the cards back in, we stack one side nearly to the top. That way the other side can be nice and low and leave room for the baggie of tokens. You can see the picture demonstrations here.

After the tokens are in, place the rulebook on top and the game will shut perfectly.
















Sleeving Salem

20160518_100944In social deduction games like Salem, it’s very important to keep identity-revealing cards like the “Not a Witch”, “Witch”, and “Constable” Tryal cards uniform and un-scratched. Sleeving these Tryal cards can go a long ways in preserving the cards, especially for players who pull out Salem a lot.

The Salem cards are 57mm x 87mm. We found that the best sleeves are sized 57 x 89mm. You can buy some using this link from Fantasy Flight.

Sleeving the cards does increase the size of the cards, however. You can still fit all of the game pieces in the box if you sleeve only the Tryal cards and lay out the pieces like the picture below. You’ll need to remove the bag for the tokens and the paper insert that holds the hourglass and place the Tryal cards perpendicular to the rest of the cards. If you decide to sleeve all the cards, you’ll need to store some of the cards in a different container. We’re currently working on an “expansion” box that will create extra room for expansion cards and sleeved cards.


Have you found a different storage/sleeving solution for your copy of Salem? Let us know!

Happy witch hunting!


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  1. Martin Pilon
    | Reply

    Using Mayday Games Standard USA Size Card Sleeves (purple pack) and using your technique, you can sleeve all the cards and it works, it’s tight fit but it works.

  2. Steven harrington
    | Reply

    Is ther a spy card and what douse it do?

    • FacadeGames
      | Reply

      There was a Spy card in a pre-released prototype but it has never been in the actual game. It was a passing Tryal card that let people view one other person’s Tryal card during the Night round.

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