Deadwood 1876 Launches on Kickstarter!

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Facade Games has just launched their third game, “Deadwood 1876”, on Kickstarter. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: Deadwood 1876

Deadwood 1876 is built for 2-9 players with game time ranging from 20-40 minutes.

Play as one of 9 characters, each of who actually roamed the streets of Deadwood, South Dakota.

There’s gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and you’ve come to find (or steal) your share. You’re staying at one of the three major establishments in Deadwood where you and your associates are plotting to steal some of the gold-filled Safes floating around town. But you suspect that the “friends” you’re working with are secretly collecting guns. Why? So they can use them against you in a Final Showdown and keep all the gold for themselves. Will you be ready to turn on them before they shoot you in the back?

In Deadwood 1876 you’ll use guns from your hand to try to win Safes from other players. Safes contain Badges, Gold, or Showdown Guns. Near the end of the game, players with Badges get extra turns. After the final turn, the team with the most Gold will advance to the Final Showdown. There, teammates will have to fight each other to the death using Showdown Guns from their Safes and guns from their hand. The last person alive is the winner!

Work with the other teammates in your establishment to find the most gold-filled Safes. But beware, your teammates may be collecting guns to use to shoot you in the back!

Deadwood is a balance between teamwork and selfishness. If a player uses all of their best Deadwood cards and Badges to hunt down Gold for their team, they’ll be defenseless to fight against their teammates in the Final Showdown. But if a player only goes after Showdown Guns and saves all of their best cards, their team might not have enough Gold to actually reach the Final Showdown. If someone on your team doesn’t seem to be pulling their weight, they’re probably plotting to use your Gold to reach the Final Showdown and then destroy you! There may come a point when you need to attack, mislead, frame, abandon, or banish your own teammates.

IMG_0255The illustrations from Sarah Keele and graphic design from Holly Hancock take players into the world of the wild wild west! The game uses wood and leather textures for some of the components, old west Victorian charm with the book and character cards, and cards that look like antiqued metal Safes built by the “Facade Safe & Lock Co” similar to Safes from the time period. The goal of the design is to take players deep into the raucous, chaotic, exciting world of Deadwood, South Dakota in its prime.

Facade Games is owned and operated by a husband/wife team of Travis and Holly Hancock. They launched their first game, Salem (now Salem 1692), on Kickstarter in the spring of 2015, and their second game, Tortuga 1667, on Kickstarter in January 2017. All of their games are part of the “Dark Cities Series.” Each game in the series is a stand-alone game that focuses on a city and a year from history. Each also includes a “dark or mysterious” element in the game play. Their past two Kickstarter campaigns combined to raise over $500,000. Facade Games is based in Columbus, Ohio.

You can follow Facade Games on facebook or pledge on Kickstarter to stay updated on the launch!

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