Our Advice to Fellow Kickstarter Creators

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Our first game, Salem, raised $103,000 on Kickstarter in 2015. Our second game, Tortuga 1667, raised $403,000 on Kickstarter in 2017. Many creative people looking to also launch a game or product on Kickstarter have asked us over and over again, “what’s your secret?” and “how did you do it?” The short answer: we have no idea. The long answer: we have some guesses. Here are a few things we think have contributed to the success of our Kickstarter campaigns, … Read More

Tortuga 1667 Rules

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Click Here for Rules in German (Klick hier für die Deutschen Regeln)   4-9 Players 20-40 minutes Welcome to Tortuga! The year is 1667 and you are a pirate sailing the waters of the Caribbean. A Spanish Galleon floats nearby, and you’ve talked your crewmates into working together to steal all of its treasure. What you haven’t told your fellow pirates is that you have no intention to share the treasure once you have it. You are still loyal to your … Read More

Tortuga 1667 Launches on Kickstarter!

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Facade Games is thrilled to announce the launch of our second game, “Tortuga 1667”! The game launched on January 18th, 2017 on Kickstarter. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/travishancock/tortuga-1667-a-pirate-game-of-mutiny-plunder-and-d Tortuga 1667 is built for 4-9 players with game time ranging from 20-40 minutes. In the game you become a privateer living on the island of Tortuga in the year 1667. Your country has legalized piracy and has agreed to turn a blind eye as you steal treasure from the powerful Spanish. However, your country … Read More

Storing & Sleeving Salem (1st Edition)

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We know how cluttered and massive game closets can become. When we were creating the box for Salem, we wanted to make something distinguishable and compact. We love how it turned out! One of the challenges with a compact box is fitting everything back in just right after its been played a handful of times. Here is what we do with our home copy of the game:   Storing Salem When stacking the cards back in, we stack one side nearly to … Read More

Why Every Board Game Needs a Little Luck

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Every card or board game, with few exceptions, has a component of luck involved. This luck varies from the dice rolls in Yahtzee to the infected cities in Pandemic to the colors of train cars flipped over in Ticket to Ride. But why do people buy and enjoy games with luck? Wouldn’t true board-gamers be upset about getting a victory stolen because of a coin flip? Why do leave our strategic planning and execution partly to chance? Here at Facade Games, we have … Read More

The Birth of a Board Game Company

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  If you told me growing up that I’d make board games for a living, I’d probably have several reactions. First I’d say, “Right. There’s no way you could make any money doing that.” Next I’d say, “But hey, sign me up!” Creating, publishing, and marketing board games is basically my dream job, turns out. It’s not quite a full-time gig yet, but I’m going to do all I can to make it that way.   Our company, Facade Games, became a reality in the … Read More